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Work platform lexicon

Working platforms
...are mobile platforms which allow people to reach the heights of work places safely, quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.
Working height the maximum height that can be reached with a working platform including the hand area of the working personnel. The working height is approximately 2 m above the platform height.
Extendable platform / platform extension
...can be extended horizontally in one direction. It enlarges the available working area (especially on scissor lifts) and allows to drive over obstacles.
Differential lock
... is switchable as required. It prevents individual wheels from spinning on slippery surfaces and ensures propulsion even on difficult areas.
Rotating work basket
...offers the possibility to turn the basket into an optimal working position.
Tilt and inclination alarm
... occasionally interrupts a further raising of the working platform or warns only in case of exceeding the inclination. In the second case, the machine could tip over if the operator continues to lift the platform despite the tilt alarm.
basket arm (trunk) a separately controllable arm mounted at the end of the telescopic or articulated boom. It provides greater mobility in inaccessible places, e.g. for bridging obstacles, between branches, beams, pipes, cables, etc.
Basket payload
... is referred to the maximal payload in the work basket. The load capacity or carrying capacity indicates the maximum permissible load specified by the manufacturer. For example: 230 kg load capacity. The total load of 230 kg must not be exceeded. The weight of the person, the tools and the material that is carried must be taken into account.
Load moment limitation (LML)
...limits the lateral reach depending on the basket load and the inclination of the telescopic arm
Mark-free tires used for sensitive hall floors. These light-coloured tires leave no visible stripes.
Swing Axis a movable axis that adapts to the unevenness of the terrain when driving (in lowered position). When the working basket is raised, the swing axis locks and ensures that the working platform stands securely while all four wheels touch the ground. Attention! Moving on uneven ground with the working basket lifted may cause you to drive on 3 wheels. A free oscillation of the axis only is possible in lowered condition. In general, only in the 6 o'clock (transport position) position.
Proportional control
...allows a very sensitive and continuous movement of the controlled function.
Lateral reach measured from the centre of the turntable to the outer edge of the work basket plus the hand area (standard size 50-60 cm) of the working personnel.
...indicates the maximum gradient in percent that the machine can handle uphill. 100% slope corresponds to 45°.
Column levelling
... is used for aligning the machine in the horizontal position. For automatic levelling, one keystroke is sufficient. This allows safe working on inclined surfaces.
When space is limited, e.g. in halls, it is important that the surplus is taken into account when turning the machine. Machines without a surplus turn within the width of the vehicle.
Variable support
For working platforms with variable support, the supporting width can be reduced on one or both sides for space reasons. The outreach of the telescope is smaller on the narrow support side due to a load moment limitation. However, if the support is narrow on one side, the full maximum projection can usually be achieved on the opposite side with full support width.
White tires used for sensitive hall floors. These light-coloured tires leave no visible stripes.