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Technical datas

Type:JMG MC250
Lifting height max.:14,60 m*
Capacity max.:25000 kg
Horizontal reach:10,70 m*
Load capacity at max. lifting height:5500 kg*
Load capacity at max. range/reach:4100 kg*
Transport dimensions:5,77 x 2,15 m**
Machine height:2,20 m
Weight:29060 kg***
Ground pressure max. (per outrigger):21700 daN
Ground pressure max. (Front axle):44000 daN


Support frames:yes
Non marking tires:yes

Special features

- Remote control (also driving possible, load display)
- work lights
- 2x cameras
- Removable counterweights 7300 kg

Attachments (optional):
- load hook max. 25000 kg
- Mounting tip max. 15000 kg
- Mounting tip extension max. 7000 kg
- Cable winch with two hook blocks 25000 kg + 7000 kg
- Forks max. 12000 kg / 800 mm LSP


* Depending on the attachments
** Transport length without attachment
*** Machine weight with full ballast, without attachment


Valla mieten, valla 250 e, Ormig

Attachment parts

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Winch PC
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Mounting tip PC
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Mounting tip with extension PC
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Forks PC
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Rotary device for crane assembly
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