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Industrial assembly, company relocation, machine relocation

You are planning your company relocation, machine relocation or industrial assembly? Do you have a complicated installation of a processing machine? Your high-quality hall floor must withstand the work undamaged and the work must be carried out emission-free? Yes we can!

Our well-deserved portfolio of front and telescopic forklift trucks, pick & carry cranes and heavy lifting equipment makes us a powerful partner for all kinds of applications.

For each possible and impossible situation, we work for you by our years of experience, a special solution to also implement your project quickly, professionally and reliably.

We also have the possibility to sufficiently insure your machines or systems during the transportation, the assembly or disassembly.

We will come to your site, create deployment plans and offer you a carefully considered solution.

Regardless of the problem you have, we will find the solution. We are there for you!

Areas of application

- machine industry
- plastics industry
- automotive and supplier industry
- printing industry
- forming industry
- Chemical industry
- Food industry
- power plant industry
- pharmaceutical industry
- medical technology


Removal and loading on a truck of a large injection molding machine

Parts of an injection moulding machine with a clamping force of 4000 tons had to be removed from the hall and loaded onto trucks.
The heaviest single part (movable plate) had a weight of 72000 kg. After careful planning, the operation was completed after two days as planned.

Assembly of a double girder bridge crane with rotary device

Here we had the particular challenge that only one small lane was available in the hall as an assembly area.

The solution was our PC40.0t-E with a rotary device and a special attachment.

To do this, we picked up the approx. 8000 kg heavy double-girder overhead traveling crane in the outside area, then drove piggyback into the hall and bring it to the end position.

Introduction of heavy duty injection molding machine parts

A new injection molding machine had to be brought in and positioned. The clamping unit, the heaviest individual part, has an impressive weight of 57 tons. Thanks to precise planning and the use of high tech lifting equipment, the job was successfully completed within a few hours.

With our special equipment, we are able to bring in and position loads of up to 100 tons, even under the most difficult conditions.

Paper press on the road

We dismantled a printing press (maximum individual weight of the parts 12,000 kg) in a printing house with the help of our PC040.0t-E. After the removal, we sent it on its way to a new location.

Crane assembly with rotary device

The indoor crane has to be replaced and there is only a few cm of space between the indoor crane and the roof?

No problem!

With our rotating device, there is almost no indoor crane that cannot be assembled or disassembled. And that with a crane weight of up to 15,000 kg. Double-girder overhead traveling cranes can also be taken "all at once" with a special attachment.

During the operation shown in the pictures, we only had 7 cm of space above the crane to the ceiling fixtures.

Tank installation

For this project we had to bring two filter tanks with a weight of up to 10.000 kg including accessories into a hall with difficult structural conditions and then set them up. By using the PC40.0t-E and ST096-7.2t-D, our team made this possible.

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Working in millimetres with our ST096-12.0t-D!

Absolute precision was necessary: The oven with a weight of 5,600 kg had to be inserted and only narrowly fitted through the opening. To complicate the situation, the terrain in front of the opening had an inclination of up to 5°. Tact and sensitivity were required!

Simulators for driving simulation centre

In accordance with our precise planning, we built an elaborate heavy-duty platform and other constructions for bridging the existing sensitive technology. Only in this way were able to bring in the "soul" with the very valuable carbon parts. For this purpose, our smallest Pick and Carry and Spider lifts among others, provided valuable services.


Introduce and positioning an injection molding machine

An injection molding machine consisting of several parts had to be taken to an industrial company.

Here, among other things, a shaft with a width of 1.00 meters had to be overcome. The heaviest part was the clamping unit, weighing 32,000 kg.

Optimal assembly with our PC40.0t-E

At a new building, where only assembly aids with electric drive were permitted, we lifted a bridge crane with a span of 28000 mm to its destination.

Spacey operation

Over a production line a fire alarm system had to be installed. The only possible access was through a small opening. This is where our space stage, the STR160-4.0t-D soffit, was used.

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Company relocation with PC25.0t-E

Several metal processing machines with individual weights of max. 18,000 kg were transported under narrow space conditions and then positioned at the new location.

Operation "Gangway"

The driving simulation centre also required a gangway. The limited space and several levels required the construction of platforms and ramps which was a nice challenge.

Relocation of a production machine

A production machine with a weight of 20,000 kg had to be relocated.

The challenge here was that the production machine could only be lifted from below at five points simultaneously using an internal frame. Our PC40.0t-E was used with various equipment.

Exchange action bridge crane

An old 120 to bridge crane had to be replaced by a new one. Again, we were challenged by the tight conditions, floor loads and the narrow time window. A box girder had an impressive cross-section of 2.00 x 1.40 m and a weight of 28,000 kg.

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