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Welcome to our homepage!

In January 1991 our family business was founded by Robert and Siegmund Süß in their family estate in Pischdorf. It started with the slogan "If you have none, borrow one”. Of course, we meant our tools and machines.

We neither studied business administration nor marketing, but grew up in different professions. From early on, our father gave us the valuable tip to listen to our customers and learn from them.

In the beginning we started as a sideline business and consistently expanded the rental station with smaller construction machines and equipment. This range of products was constantly expanded in order to offer an all-round service from A to Z.

In 1993 we purchased our first trailer mounted work platform which laid the foundation for our current core business. The new equipment was unusual for our region and was initially not well received. Only after expanding in 1998 with different types of working platforms we were able to position ourselves on the regional market.

Then in 2003 we joined the "System Lift" association, a group of medium-sized platform rental companies, which all pursued the same goal: to serve customers nationwide.

A machine inventory of 12600 working platforms in over 70 branches throughout Germany and Europe guarantees that our customers always have the right equipment in the right place. In other words, you only need one contact person who is responsible for the overall handling of your orders throughout Europe.

As of 2007, lifting mast and telescopic forklifts completed the extended product range.

Finally, in 2009 the time had come!

This was the year we moved to our new location in Nabburg (Sauerzapfstraße) in the heart of the Upper Palatinate. This location on the important north-south tangent (A93) as well as the east-west axis (A6) guarantees us very good transport connections. Transportation to the Czech Republic through the border crossing at Waidhaus can be carried out even faster now.

In 2012 we parted with the rent of the construction machines. We only retained trailers and construction dryers in our program. We are constantly expanding our range of working platforms and forklifts instead, and especially in the special area, such as high-bay shears with a working height of 32 m.

One thing, however, has always remained the same - and it will not change in the future:

The customers determine our actions!

Customers are king with us!

The rental of good products from brand manufacturers at the best price is one aspect of our company concept. Equally important is the second: Service on site in case of machine failure. For us it is important that our customers receive the very best for their money. For this purpose, we have created our own credo: "Added Value", where we pass on a comprehensive and competent consultation through experience.

To conclude, we would like to invite you to visit us in Nabburg and experience a little of the "Süß spirit" (altitude air). Directions to the work platform and forklift rental company can be found here.

Rental service Süß

PS: "Added Value" - added value through experience and improvement!

From the English: literally: added value = additional value of a product. With added value a product becomes more valuable and therefore more attractive compared to the competition.